Mixology - Mixers PACKAGES

Choose a bartending service PREMIUM PACKAGE or build a completely custom experience for your party with Mix and Match.

  1. Bartender Only

  2. Mix and Match Package

  3. Premium Preparation Package 

Let us do the work so you enjoy the party!

Bartender Only

Minimums - 4 Hours

Liquor Liability Insurance Included

  • $50 Per Hour/One Bartender        

  • $100 Per Hour/ Two Bartenders for parties up to150 Guests

  • TBD/3 -5 Bartenders for parties over 200 People


   Service fees do not include GRATUITY for the bartender, which can be handled one of two ways, you may allow a tip jar to be placed on the service bar or opt for a host gratuity in which the tip jar is eliminated. 


$3 per headcount. After 5 hours of service - add an additional $1 per hour.

Mix and Match


Pick and choose what service you want to provide or pay for.

If you prefer to prepare for your own party, please refer to the descriptors below - to understand what needs to be available.



Cost Based on Size of Event

      Travel/Set up/Breakdown          

Mobile Bar -  see what is included below   

Link to view mobile bar setups


       Dry Goods/Cups,Napkins,Stirrers           Garnishes/Preparation 

Ice /Mixers

       Beverage Order/Party Planning       




Premier  Package


Includes all EXTRA SERVICES 

in one package. 

but with a special FLAIR!

Rely on the professionals to do

all the work CORRECTLY

so that you can have all the fun! 


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Premier Extras Package

Includes all extra services in one package. Rely on the professionals to do all the work CORRECTLY so that 

you can have all the fun!   

15% off Premier Package

  • Set up/clean up

  • Mobile bar​

  • Shopping Dry Goods

  • Shopping/Preparation Garnishes

  • Beverage Delivery/Removal

  • Beverage Order

  • Party Planning/Communication

 Regular Rate - $160 - 200

(with or without delivery)

Discounted Rate - $140 - $165



Mixology will arrive 1-3 hours early for your event to set up a mobile bar/design table/layout beverages and set up for your event/party. After the party is complete, we will leave the area in tip-top shape.  



MOBILE BAR INCLUDES: Link to view mobile bar setups

If you prefer to provide the serving area or a bar is provided at the event site - you can opt-out of the Mixology mobile bar. Please make sure that all items below will be provided if you opt to provide your own bar set up.

Basics Includes:

  • 2 - 4 foot or 8-foot serving areas                      

  • Linens  - White or Black

  • Beverage tub for chilling and serving wine beer

  • Ice tub for clean serving ice

  • Ice cooler 

  • Fruit, stirrer containers

  • Cutting boards​                                                 


If you prefer to provide the Garnishes and/or Dry Goods - you can opt-out of Mixology shopping and preparing.

Basics Includes:

  • Shopping for Garnishes/Preparation                 ​​

  • Shopping for dry goods - cups, napkins, stirrers  


1 - Mixology will provide a shopping outline at no cost and you can purchase. 

2 - All alcohol is provided by the host. We will consult with you about how much to order and what types of drinks will work well at your event.



SHOPPING OUTLINE                                       


If you prefer to plan your own party, there are many details that require attention to ensure your party is professionally designed.  It can take you many hours to research a mobile bar with all the necessary equipment, shopping, preparing and ordering the right amount and type of liquor, mixers, etc.  If you plan on "doing it yourself" but you need guidance to prepare and plan,

we are here for you! 


All packages require a Non-Refundable retainer - 20% of the total package/minimum $100

Dates cannot be reserved until a retainer is received.


The total balance due will need to be paid two (2) weeks before the date of the event. Mixology Mixers cannot perform any bartending services until full payment is received. The retainer is non-refundable once the date is secured and the staff is scheduled.  We accept the following forms of payment: Cash, Checks, Pay Pal and Venmo.