Premier Preparation Package 

Includes all SERVICES in one package - but with a SPECIAL FLAIR!

Rely on the professionals to do all the work CORRECTLY so that you can have all the fun!  

Premier Extras Package

Includes all extra services in one package. Rely on the professionals to do all the work CORRECTLY so that 

you can have all the fun!   

15% off Premier Package

  • Set up/clean up

  • Mobile bar​

  • Shopping Dry Goods

  • Shopping/Preparation Garnishes

  • Beverage Delivery/Removal

  • Beverage Order

  • Party Planning/Communication

 Regular Rate - $160 - 200

(with or without delivery)

Discounted Rate - $140 - $165


A definite DISTINCTION with Mixology: 

IMAGINE throwing a party and not having to deal with the hours of research, preparation, shopping, set up, clean up, ordering, delivery, removal and avoiding many of the common mistakes that can occur with party planning.  It generally takes 12 -20 hour from start to finish to put together and bartend a quality party.  Let us do all the work so you and your guests will enjoy your special celebration.


It's not as simple as it looks to design a ready to go bar that will ENSURE the party goes off without a hitch. Many things can go wrong like - too small of a bar area, missing mixers, fruits, dry goods, poor placement of bar that causes back up, inadequate beverage ordering, not enough ice storage, serving tools and the list goes on.  

The Mixology-Mixers Premium package will give you peace of mind knowing you won't be missing key elements for proper service.  When you select the Premium package you'll get all the basics and EXTRAS that will leave you and your guests impressed! Let us do all the work to make SURE your party is completely planned, headache-free and you will be known as the host who throws parties to talk about!

PREMIER Packages Include:

***Bartender Fee Additional ***

  • Party Planning - Unlimited Communication

  • Set up/clean up 

  • Mobile Bar Link to view mobile bar setups

  • Shopping/Preparation - Flair Displays

  • Dry Good Included: cups, ​stirrers, napkins,

  • Garnishes, Mixers: fruits and fresh-made ingredients

  • Beverages -- Outline

  • 1-2 Signature Drinks

  • Delivery/Removal​ 

  • Travel

  • PREMIER PACKAGE                   

  • Price to be determined depending on the size of your party and options chosen for ingredient profiles of signature drinks and products used. 



We pay attention to the details!

The PREMIUM package adds

Special Touches!

PREMIUM Preparation

Beautiful Bars

consist of unique displays.

PREMIUM Mixtures

Tell us what you love---

and we will mix up a batch of Delicious!!



You'll be impressed with all the extras you get.

PREMIUM Preparation

Unique Preparation

Gives a special FLAIR

to the table!

PREMIUM  Planning

Ontime - Friendly - Profesional

We go above and beyond!